The internship at GfK GeoMarketing offered me the possibility to apply the knowledge I had gained during my studies and to use it in a practical way. GfK GeoMarketing offers the trainee the opportunity to apply new experiences through tasks, both in empirical research and customer-specific assignments. In addition, during my internship I could learn something about the working world and facing real questions from customers.

Knowledge in the fields of statistics, programming and cartography is desirable. Special emphasis is laid on a thorough understanding of the analytical software and the associated programming language “R”. Furthermore, a secure handling of GIS products such as Opensource Software QGIS and the GfK GeoMarketing GIS program RegioGraph is recommended. In conclusion, it is important to have an affinity to statistical surveys.

The working atmosphere at GfK Geomarketing is friendly and it is easy for an intern to integrate. The tasks are clearly structured and offer the opportunity to improve oneself. If there are challenges in a project, it is no problem to ask colleagues for help. Usually you will receive helpful tips. Another pleasant part of the internship is the possibility to participate in more advanced and deepening courses / presentations, which not only give the opportunity to consolidate existing knowledge, but also to learn new things. During the internship at GfK GeoMarketing many new techniques were learned and existing ones were deepened. This internship is to recommend for every student who likes to work with spatial data and question their statistical context.