Hermann Klug

Associate Professor for Geoinformatics, Department of Geoinformatics  TAUGHT MSc COURSES: GIScience technologies, methods and applications in hydro-climatology, IP: Integrated Project, IP: SDI Services Implementation Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Methodological integration of GIS, Landscape Ecology and Remote Sensing at the interface of meteorology, hydrology, pedology and land use / land cover sciences. Major research expertise focuses on the [...]

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Stefan Lang

Associate Professor for Geoinformatics, Division Head Department of Geoinformatics  TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Scientific Methods and Writing, GeoHumanitarian Action, Object-based Image Analysis, Advanced Remote Sensing, Analysis and Modeling (Remote Sensing) Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Object-based image analysis (OBIA) | systems thinking | multi-scale and multi-dimensional spatial analysis | policy and decision support https://zgis.at/team/

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Josef Strobl

Professor for Geoinformatics, Head Department of Geoinformatics  TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Methods in Spatial Analysis, Analysis and Modeling, Orientation and Introduction, Selected Topics in Geoinformatics, Directed Studies Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Geographical Information Science and Systems. Remote Sensing and Image Processing. Spatial Analysis. Digital Terrain Models. Spatial modelling of renewable energy potentials. Spatial Statistics and Geostatistics. [...]

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Thomas Blaschke

Professor for Geoinformatics, Deputy Director Department of Geoinformatics  TAUGHT MSc COURSES: GIScience: Theory and Concepts, Lectures in GIScience, Orientation and Introduction. Master Thesis Supervision Main research interests include methodological issues of the integration of GIS, remote sensing and analysis methods for the understanding and the monitoring of manmade and (near-) natural systems. Another focus is the foundation [...]

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Internship iSPACE – Julia Moser

The Research Studios Austria FG (RSA) is an Austrian nonprofit research institution and currently has six studios with different specializations in IT-related research. The focus of RSA is to foster the cooperation between science and economy. The Research Studio iSPACE is located in Salzburg and is dedicated to Geoinformatics and GIScience research. The internship at the [...]

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Andrew Makowicki, 2016

'Identifying Critical Source Areas through AGNPS Non-Point Source Pollution Modelling of Phosphorus Emissions in Koppl' Applications in geoinformatics can involve holistic study designs that require laboratory tasks, field work and work at the computer. Andrew Makowicki combined his interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences from environmental chemistry, landscape ecology, water resources management and geoinformatics to analyse nutrient [...]

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Laura Knoth, 2015

'Spatial information infrastructures for indoor environments' Today, since positioning outdoors is settled and possible using Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS), indoor positioning is still a challenge. There are different technologies available (e.g. Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy or Ultra Wide Band), but none of them really established itself. While today every cell phone is equipped [...]

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Internship GfK Geomarketing – Veit Gessnitzer

The internship at GfK GeoMarketing offered me the possibility to apply the knowledge I had gained during my studies and to use it in a practical way. GfK GeoMarketing offers the trainee the opportunity to apply new experiences through tasks, both in empirical research and customer-specific assignments. In addition, during my internship I could learn [...]

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Praktikum Land Salzburg – Bernd Lackner

Während meines Praktikums bei der Salzburger Landesregierung in der Abteilung 10 (Wohnen und Raumplanung) habe ich viele neue Eindrücke gewonnen und möchte diese für interessierte Kommilitonen möglichst objektiv darstellen. Ich empfand das Arbeitsklima innerhalb der Abteilung als sehr positiv. Es wird sehr viel Wert auf einen positiven und respektvollen Umgang gelegt. Es besteht immer die [...]

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