An internship over a minimum of 6 weeks (or equivalent in full time work) is a compulsory component in the current curriculum. Students are strongly encouraged to use this for building links with potential employment opportunities and to gather some professional experience in a relevant sector. Many students elect to complete multiple internships over longer periods of time.

Check this document for guidelines >Internship_Guidelines

Some ‘typical’ placements / employers for internships:

For all having already gathered professional job experience e.g. through employment before starting your Master’s programme, the internship requirement can be waived.


for a link to your internship offering for Geoinformatics students, please contact and/or create an entry on the Z_GIS jobs exchange (

Students communicate in German (majority) or English (all) and have a broad range of backgrounds. Some have strong technical / development skills, others are familiar with geospatial application domains. Typically, hosting and working with interns is an excellent opportunity to bring fresh thoughts into your team, strengthen links to academic institutions and of course to explore potential future staff.

Geoinformatics students are particularly welcome to contact these institutions / businesses located in the Salzburg region with their internship applications: