Hi all,

as we are now aware, courses at PLUS at least for a couple of weeks will have to be organized online with a variety of eLearning tools, formats and strategies being used. While we are working out suitable approaches – please watch out for news on the study program, course and event levels. We will communicate guidance and next steps asap and continuously.

Please use the comments section at this post to ask questions you might have right now, we will answer these to the best of your ability! Your comments are moderated … this means some delay until your comments show.

Stay well 🙂 js

Info supplied by PLUS – https://www.uni-salzburg.at/index.php?id=41697&L=1&newsid=17634&f=0

Exams: for now – exams can be held with a max of 50 students as long there is min 1 space/seat between them. Final exams by committee can continue as planned.