Master’s Thesis Examination Procedures

Once all exams are completed, the master thesis is evaluated and an appointment for the master’s examination has been set, this is the general outline of the master’s examination:

The Master’s examination involves three people next to the candidate: two examiners and a chairman. One of the examiners typically was the thesis advisor. The exam is public and an audience is welcome.

The Master’s Examination consists of two parts: (a) the presentation and discussion of the master thesis and (b) the oral exams.

ad a) The presentation shall last about 12min and introduce the topic of the master thesis. As not all involved people know what the candidate worked on for the master thesis, the presentation shall also provide some contextual information about the topic. The presentation is followed by a discussion about the content of the presentation.

Ad b) Two oral exams follow, which are linked to modules in the curriculum. Typically the candidate discussed the specific subject with the examiners that is in the centre of the examination. The time of the exams is not specified; the examiners can ask questions until they can translate the performance of the candidate into a grade.