Milena Kocher, 2017

'Applying and Evaluating Risk Terrain Modeling to the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland' Crime prediction methods have been developed to not only analyze crimes that have happened in the past, but also to gain insight into their potential development in the future. One of these approaches is Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), which allows localizing places with [...]

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Andrew Makowicki, 2016

'Identifying Critical Source Areas through AGNPS Non-Point Source Pollution Modelling of Phosphorus Emissions in Koppl' Applications in geoinformatics can involve holistic study designs that require laboratory tasks, field work and work at the computer. Andrew Makowicki combined his interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences from environmental chemistry, landscape ecology, water resources management and geoinformatics to analyse nutrient [...]

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Laura Knoth, 2015

'Spatial information infrastructures for indoor environments' Today, since positioning outdoors is settled and possible using Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS), indoor positioning is still a challenge. There are different technologies available (e.g. Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy or Ultra Wide Band), but none of them really established itself. While today every cell phone is equipped [...]

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