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Ainura Nazarkulova

Senior Scientist, Department of Geoinformatics ‚International students, in particular from the Central Asia region, are always welcome for consultation and developing new ideas!’ TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Selected Topics in Geoinformatics, Directed Studies and MOOCs (Spatial Analysis, Location Advantage, DIY Geo Apps, Earth Imagery and Cartography) Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Building regional Spatial Data Infrastructures, Spatial [...]

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Bernd Resch

Assistant Professor for Geoinformatics, Department of Geoinformatics 'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Basics of Software Development, Practice: Basics of Software Development, IP:Application Development (GIS) Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Fusion of Human and Technical Sensors, People as Sensors and Collective Sensing (VGI), Standardised Geo-Sensor Webs, Real-time and Smart Cities

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Milena Kocher, 2017

'Applying and Evaluating Risk Terrain Modeling to the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland' Crime prediction methods have been developed to not only analyze crimes that have happened in the past, but also to gain insight into their potential development in the future. One of these approaches is Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), which allows localizing places with [...]

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Andreas Koch

Professor for Geography, Department of Geography 'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Spatial Simulation, Multivariate Statistics Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Social Geography with a focus on Geographies of Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion as well as Geographies of Communications and Telecommunications. A special focus is directed towards modeling, simulation and visualization of social-spatial processes by applying agent-based techniques, network and [...]

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Bernhard Zagel

Senior Scientist, Division Head Department of Geoinformatics 'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: IP: Integrated Project Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Applied Geoinformatics, GIS-T, Sustainable Transportation, Networks and Spatial Analysis, Climate Friendly Research, Long Term Ecosystem Research - LTER, Glacier Monitoring

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Dirk Tiede

Assistant Professor for Geoinformatics, Department of Geoinformatics 'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Object-based Image Analysis , Advanced Remote Sensing, IP: Application Development (OBIA), IP:Application Development (GIS) Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Object-based image analysis, Spatial analysis, GIS-programming and -modelling, Remote sensing, Landscape structure analysis

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Barbara Hofer

Associate Professor for Geoinformatics, Department of Geoinformatics 'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Geovisualization and Advanced Cartography, IP: SDI Services Implementations, Orientation and Introduction, Spatial Statistics, IP: SDI Services Implementation Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Interoperability and spatial data infrastructures, Knowledge Formalization, Spatial Process Modelling, Cartography

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Hermann Klug

Associate Professor for Geoinformatics, Department of Geoinformatics  'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: GIScience technologies, methods and applications in hydro-climatology, IP: Integrated Project, IP: SDI Services Implementation Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Methodological integration of GIS, Landscape Ecology and Remote Sensing at the interface of meteorology, hydrology, pedology and land use / land cover sciences. Major research expertise focuses on [...]

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Stefan Lang

Associate Professor for Geoinformatics, Division Head Department of Geoinformatics  'quote' TAUGHT MSc COURSES: Scientific Methods and Writing, GeoHumanitarian Action, Object-based Image Analysis, Advanced Remote Sensing, Analysis and Modeling (Remote Sensing) Master Thesis Supervision Research Interests: Object-based image analysis (OBIA) | systems thinking | multi-scale and multi-dimensional spatial analysis | policy and decision support

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